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Image by Roy Javier

Featured Remodeling Projects and Sheds

We give each project we work on the personalized attention it deserves. We work side by side with our clients in order to understand their ideas and accommodate their concerns, while adhering to the agreed-upon budget. Check out some recent projects below and get in touch for more information.

Basement Finish

This was an successful basement finish for this customer. This basement finish was slightly over 1000 sq. ft. The open floor plan and the finished bathroom turned out to be an amazing project. Talking with the customer about their ideal finish became reality and really made this basement the sure place to hangout. 

7'x16' Shed

We had the opportunity to build this shed for a fellow tradesmen. This was a fun and quick build. The accent doors brings the landscaping designs around the shed blossom. Give us a call for a free quote on your backyard shed!

10'x10' Shed

We built a unique shed for this customer. This lofted barn shed had 7 windows! 4 awning windows, 2 standard and 1 3'x4' window with the added 9 lite door to bring lots of natural light into the shed. The customer later added electrical and finished it out with insulation and sheetrock. We added air intake vents at the bottom of the eve with a ridge vent for good circulation. The color choices added a final touch!

Mother-in-law Renovation

This bathroom was being remodeled for a family member of New LIfe Builders. We tore out the shower surround and extended the shower 4 feet and built a pony wall that will have a tempered glass installed. This beautiful mosaic tile and ribbon tile matched very well with the current house finishes. With a shower niche and a small soap cubby showed off the craftsmanship of this project. 

Basement Finish Sheetrock Install

This client was finishing their basement and reached out on Facebook for recommendations and chose us to help with their project. We delivered 35 sheets of 4'x12' through the window well. We hung, taped, finish, primed, and textured all on this project. This customer was very pleased on the quality of this finish! 

10x16 Utility Shed

We built this amazing 10x16 shed which included a 6 foot double door, 36" 9 Lite Entry Door, (1) 3'x4'windows with hand cut trusses. This customer a loft to be installed. This is a shed that will require low maintenance and increase longevity with two coats of Sherwin Williams Paint and Owens Corning Shingles. 

Complete Shower Transformation

This shower is a stunning makeover! We deleted the wall that opened up a lot of lighting into the shower for the new subway and accent tile. We installed black mosaic that gave this shower a very elegant look. With schluter edging and new shower kit gives this shower a premium finish. 

10x10 Shed

This shed needed approval from the HOA and pass city inspection.

1) Zoning Inspection

-Outlined where shed is going to be placed


2)Rough Inspection

-Framed out shed

-Nailed Collar Ties, Rafter Ties, Hurricane Straps, and Blocking

-Installed Forcefield on framing members

-Installed Shed Anchors


3) Final Inspection

-Tape all seams and edges

-Install siding and trim

-Install wooden door

-Nail Class 4 shingles with drip edge


Guest Bathroom Addition

Here is a complete bathroom project we finished for a client. Framed out the walls and sheetrock. We installed the flooring, vanity, and bathroom hardware. The tile above the tub matched the existing style upstairs along with the accent tile. 

Master Bath Remodel

This was the master bathroom from a repeat customer in her guest bathroom we renovated. We also removed the old outdated tile on the walls and replaced it with brand new white subway tile. On the floor, you will notice we used a white penny tile with black grout. The Glass Doctor and Plumber will be there soon to install remaining finishes. 

This was her response,

“New Life Builders is awesome! Joseph remodeled both of our bathrooms and did a wonderful job! I recommend him highly! He also does many other jobs besides bathrooms. Please give him a phone call for your needs!”

10x18 Cabin Shed

We built this unique 10x18 Cabin Shed, which included a 4 foot porch with spindles. Installed 4x6 premium post that will not warp that included a 36" 9 Lite Entry Door. Five 2'X3' windows with hand cut trusses. This customer requested two doggie doors to be installed for future install of fencing around the shed. This is a shed that will require low maintenance and increase longevity.

Shower Remodel

We recently renovated our clients bathroom, which included removing the jacuzzi tub and replacing it with a walk in shower. We also removed the old outdated tile on the walls and replaced it with brand new white subway tile. On the floor you will notice we used a white penny tile with black grout. 

The chicken coop was built on a 12x16 concrete pad with the run was built on the ground. The 10x12 coop, consisted of french doors that opened outward with the 3 door latched downward. So the customer would be able to open one door at a time as needed or open all 3 for litter maintenance. With the chicken wire, can see the chickens clearly from the inside. Underneath the raised bed was 3 3 foot sliding drawers for feed and desired space for storage. The windows inside the coop was accessible to open from the outside for ventilation while chicken wire was secured from the inside with all edges covered with OSB so chickens wouldn’t be scratched. A ridge vent was installed on the coop for continuous ventilation. 3 resting bars were installed the width of the shed. With rope Twined for air flow through chicken’s feet to prevent blistering. 3 nesting boxes was made on the outside of the coop for easy access of eggs. A chicken door was installed into the run along with a ladder. 

We recently renovated our clients bathroom, which included removing the tub & replacing it with a walk-in shower. The first order of business was we removed the tub & outdated tile. At the same time we also rerouted the shower head from the wall to the ceiling. The homeowner picked out this really nice dark porcelain tile that runs floor to ceiling & also requested a couple of Shower Niche. We also installed frosted glass for privacy. 

Prep:- Install cement boards on floor for tile adhesion & Waterproof backerboard seams.


Carpentry:We installed the floor tile along with new casings around the doors & window. We also installed wall tile with accent tile to be aligned with the vanity. The changes of direction of the tile is because the customer is installing glass bricks to enclose the shower walls with entry access close to the vanity. Customer also wanted vertical accent tiles 1 foot from the glass bricks to have shorter cuts in the corner when 2 glass shelves were installed. All the tile inside the corners, around the shower pan, around the casings and glass are used with grout caulking that is frog taped to create a control line for a professional look that won't crack over time.

This was a project that started out with the homeowner putting up the sheetrock. They contacted us and wanted us to complete the job. This was a lot of fun and a lot of mud.

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